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Dear Readers, thank you so much for taking a chance and 1-clicking an ebook or purchasing your paperback copy of Shot Through The Heart. I've been told by many of my Supporters that what they like about my writing is the realness. They know I may throw an unexpected curveball into the story, yet they're willing to take the journey with me anyway. Knowing that when they reach the end of the journey, they may not exactly like the way things went down, but they understand why I did it. No one knows this more than the characters in my head! Trust me when I say, sometimes I'm sitting there thinking certain characters are cruising their way along slow and steady to their happily ever after then BAM! I throw them the same twists and turns we all experience in life. In two of my previous book series you met two individuals, Nicole Evans- Hoes Be Winning and Jeremiah Wilson - Ballad Of A Bad Bitch. Readers were upset with me about the way things ended for these two characters. When I was writing, I knew Readers would be upset but as a writer, I have to admit it made me smile because that in turn meant I'd created characters Readers cared about. They got to the end of the story and felt these two people deserved something good for being good people. For being loving, faithful, dedicated partners in their relationships shouldn't they have their happy ending? Of course. Though in real life, we all know that you can give your all to a person ,be everything they need, when they need it and still in the end get screwed over. Even when you've done everything right. You can be left an emotional wreck because you followed all the "rules" and still be left with nothing.
In those moments it's hard to look ahead and know that God just may have something better planned for you than you planned for yourself. Or in this case, the Author had bigger plans for you. I hope you enjoy the story and as always, thank you for your support.~ Candace aka Ms.Bam
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“ Sometimes you meet someone,and it’s so clear that the two of you,on some level belong together. As lovers or as friends.As family or as something entirely different. You just work. Whether you understand one another or you’re in love,you’re partners in crime. You meet these people throughout your life,out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances and they help you feel alive. I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence,fate or sheer blind luck,but it definitely makes me believe in something.” ~ Unknown
Damn! How the hell did this happen?Here I was being held hostage in my own bedroom. I lowered my eyes glancing downward.
Paige, a causal friend with benefits of mine had her arm thrown possessively over my chest as if she was scared I was going to try and escape while she was asleep. Anyone else may have thought it was by accident, after all she was sleeping but I knew better. So did Paige. I’d pulled  disappearing acts on her more than a handful of times on her over at her place during the course of this “friendship”.
Here we go with this shit again, I thought to myself moving about my bedroom intentionally making as much noise as possible. If Paige slept any longer,she was going to think she was in the midst of the Mardi Gras parade. I was annoyed as hell but I couldn’t stop the grin from playing at the corners of my mouth as I looked around my spacious bedroom.Despite the last year and a half of my life, sometimes I still couldn’t believe my luck. I’d been struggling all my life,now here I was laid up in a three thousand square foot warehouse apartment in New York City. My eyes traveled over to the expansive California King platform bed. My on again,off again “friend” of the moment, Paige Durant was sprawled a little too comfortably across my damn bed.
Paige had shown up late last night unannounced and against my better judgment I’d let her ass in. I knew when she sashayed that round ass through the door I was making a mistake but what the hell? It had been about a week since I’d seen her.Despite the obvious attempts and daily phone calls to snag my attention. Paige had in fact damn near bullied her way into staying the night. I usually didn’t allow anyone over here but after two rounds of tears, and some bomb ass head I figured I’d go ahead and let her stay.
 I knew damn well Paige was laid out in my bed trying to pretend she didn’t hear all the noise I was making.I was intentionally being so loud how could she not? Playing possum. I’d just stepped out of the shower.  I finished drying off and threw on some sweats. I was getting on a plane headed to Virginia later this afternoon and had some business to handle around the house and at my club before I left. I planned to be gone about a month. Things were going so well with the club Dip and I opened in New York,Club Azure. The venture had been so profitable we were now opening up another location in Virginia. The club, Table 51 was already open but the owners didn’t have the funding to keep it afloat from what we’d been told so they wanted to sell and we were interested in taking it over. Table 51 was already making a buzz all over social media. So we figured instead of expanding with a club from the ground up, why not just jump in on this deal. We’d keep what we liked and make any changes we felt necessary.
“ Paige…,” I called out as I walked over to the window, grabbed the remote and pushed as I watched the navy blue and gold curtains retract, flooding my bedroom with natural light from the only windows in the entire place. Shit, let this sunlight hit her and she’ll wake her behind up.Enough was enough. It was time for her to exit stage left. I turned around and now all her naked ass was out for me to see. Five minutes ago she was covered like a mummy wrapped up in my thick gold satin comforter as if she’d paid for it.
“ Jeremiah! The light! I’m sleepy bae.” Paige whined tooting her ass out even more. I didn’t give a damn about her being sleepy. Paige could get all the rest she wanted…at her damn house.
“ Well you need to get up and make your way home then. You can sleep as much as you need to at your place. I got shit to do.”
Paige sat up straight in the bed suddenly wide awake. Not a trace of sleep in her voice. I knew her behind was awake the whole time.
“ Why do I always have to go to my place to sleep Jeremiah? I mean damn, what’s the problem with me staying here? I mean, we’ve been together four months now. Besides, I thought I’d make you breakfast before I went home. At least let me do that.” Paige complained, arms in the air stretching as she showed off her bare breasts. Paige didn’t have much to show but her big ass made up for it.
“ You have to sleep at your place because that’s your home.Don’t you pay rent for the privilege of sleeping in that muthafucka? Look I’m on a plane out of here this afternoon. I have a lot I need to take care of today before I leave. And another thing Paige, please stop saying we’re together. We’ve gotten together every once in a while over the course of four months. We ain’t been together. Stop twisting the facts Ma, you gon’ end up hurting your own feelings.”
“ Well when were you going to tell me you were leaving town? Are you taking me with you?”
I took a deep sigh tying to compose myself before I really hurt this girl’s feelings.
I notice of the fact Paige conveniently left out the most important thing I’d said. The last thing I wanted was hurt feelings and an argument before I headed out of town, but Paige and I had been bumping heads about this issue heavily for the last two months. I wasn’t interested in a relationship with her or anyone else at the moment. I’d tried the whole relationship thing once after Mia and I broke up but I realized my head and my heart weren’t ready for that. At this point I was all about business. I wanted to build an empire for myself and as far as women went, it was all about getting my needs met. Paige was a prime example to me that the whole casual dating thing didn’t work. Yeah, I’d taken Paige out on some dates, chilled with her a little but she took that to mean we were in a relationship of some sorts.
I wasn’t out here leading women on or no shit like that, but I felt like I was very clear about my intentions. Paige played the role like she understood but she still over here acting like a bandit trying to creep into my heart. Twice I’d cut her ass off completely. We went a week or two without talking but always found ourselves back in bed together.
“ Shit your ass is lucky I’m telling you right now. And even that’s only because you just happened to be here. Gon’ head and get up and outta here Ma. Like I said, I have some things to wind up today before I head out.”
“ Well at least tell me how long you’ll be gone. Why do you treat me like this Jeremiah? You act like I’m the enemy or something. I’m so good to you and you act like it means nothing. Am I nothing to you?” Paige asked. When I looked at her she had the nerve to have a tear falling down her cheek but I was not falling for that shit.
“ See this is the reason I keep saying we don’t need to sleep with each other…,”
“ Well why do you keep doing it? Why play with me when you know how I feel about you?”
“Why do you keep calling me when you know I don’t care about you is the bigger question. I keep doing it because the pussy is good and you keep throwing it at me even when I tell you straight up I’m not going to be your man! Paige look, I’m not trying to be cruel. I’m straight up about what this is and isn’t but take responsibility for your own emotions. I ain’t the keeper of your heart. I don’t want the job and I keep telling yo’ ass that shit.”
Paige pulled her knees to her chest gazing at me forlornly.
“ Well can I ask how long you’ll be gone? At least let me know that.”
“ I’ll be gone a minute Paige, about a month. Lets not get into this okay. I’m kinda tired of going over the same old thing with you. You’re a good girl. Find someone that wants the same things you do. I’m not there yet. I know you’ve been waiting on me but it’s just not happening for me right now.”
“ What? A month! What am I doing wrong though? I fuck you good, I cook for you… at least I do when you let me in long enough to do it..,” 
“ I don’t care what you cook! You ain’t the first female to fuck me good and make me a nice hot meal.” I yelled interrupting her. A nigga was trying to keep his composure but damn! When the writing is on the wall read that shit.
“ Jeremiah, at the very least we’re friends. Look I need some help right now...”
I stopped dead in my tracks, lips turned down into a frown. My eyes rolled to the back of my head before I slammed my dresser drawer shut and turned around to face her my arms folded across my chest. Damn! All I wanted to do is grab some socks not all this extra conversation.
“ What do you need from me?” I asked cautiously.
“ Well you know I’ve been telling you I’m having problems with my roommates. Do you think I could stay with you for awhile? Just on a temporary basis while I find my own place? I respect what you’re saying, I know we’re not together. I just need to regroup and get myself together.Besides, you just said you’ll be gone a month. I could watch the place for you.” Paige stated trying to look at me like she had all the sense in the world. 
Hell to the muthafuckin’ NO! Is what my head was screaming. People were too fucking shady and I knew all she wanted was a way in. I was not about to have a squatter on my hands that I couldn’t get rid of.
“ You know what ma’, I’m sorry you’re going through it but I’ma have to say no to that. I just ain’t feeling it. Also I’m leaving here today. Even if I was to consider it, you haven’t even given me any time to think about it. So it’s gonna have to be a firm no for me. Your entire family is in the Bronx. So why can’t you go home? Or stay with one of your three sisters? Nah baby girl it’s a no for me.” I waved my arm around the room real fast. 
“ Gon’ head and get all your things together. I’m calling you a Uber.”
I stood in Jeremiah’s bathroom seething! What the hell was I supposed to do now? I sat down on the toilet frustrated as hell. Something has got to give. I’ve been chasing this man for four goddamn months and he was sticking to his little proclamation of not wanting to be in a relationship. Yes, he’d cut me off a few times but I always managed to get back in his good graces. Or more to the point, his bed.
I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror.
I was a baddie by any man’s standards. My auburn hair hung to the middle of my back , granted that was with the help of a weave but I made sure my stylist had my hair laid and slayed every two weeks. It perfectly complimented my light brown complexion. I’d starve before I missed an appointment.If my light bill was late so be it. Which part of the reason my room-mate wanted me out. I had a great sense of style and made sure I always looked good.  I never brought it up because I didn’t want to sound like a groupie, but I knew who Jeremiah’s ex-girlfriend was. How could I not? When all that shit went down with the R&B singer Mia, her mama and that fine ass nigga she ended up marrying  Quinton, it was the talk of the blogosphere. I felt like I looked just as good, if not better than Mia. I mean I didn’t really have any talent. But neither did any of these hoes on damn near every reality T.V show on right now.
I met Jeremiah one night at his club and when I found out he was one of the owners? Baby I knew I had to have him. His club was always packed with celebrities in the V.I.P section and I knew the circles he ran in. I wanted to be a part of that.Don’t get me wrong, I want this nigga bad as hell! Jeremiah is cool as a fan, he can hold a conversation about anything, make me laugh and the dick is the truth. I feel like physically I have him where I want him. I don’t think he’s sleeping with anyone but me . But mentally? I can’t get in his head or heart for shit. Hell Jeremiah’s bathroom alone was larger than my apartment. And I was sharing that with a bitch I could barely stand. I did lie though. I wasn’t being put out..yet. But damn, I felt like I had to start pulling out all the stops and taking drastic measures just to get on another level with this nigga.
What was I missing? UGH!
There was a loud banging on the door.
“ Let’s goooo! Ya’ Uber is outside.” Jeremiah yelled on the other side of the door.
Let me just go without a fuss. When he gets back in town I’m locking this nigga down! I’ve spent four months chasing him and I will not have all this time and pussy go to waste. Besides, I’ve already told my girls Desiree and Chantal we’re damn near engaged. I’ll look like such an idiot if this doesn’t work out. Maybe I shouldn’t have embellished the situation with Jeremiah the way I had but it was too late to take it all back now! I just have to go for what I know at this point. I quickly brushed my teeth, and ran my fingers through my hair. When I opened the door, Jeremiah was standing there holding my bag for me packed to the brim and my coat was dangling from his other arm.
“ Dang! Are you that anxious to get rid of me? What’s all that in my bag?” Shit I had to ask, it was stuffed! I knew damn well when I came over last night I barely had anything in there.
“ Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies. This is all of your stuff you left behind each time you’ve stayed the night. I took the liberty of gathering it all up for you.”
The look he gave me, made me wish I hadn’t asked. I shrugged my shoulders into my jacket and stood on my toes to give him a quick peck on the lips.
“ We’ll get together when you get back. When is that exactly?” I asked hoping he’d soften a bit and tell me.I’d asked his ass what seemed like ten times when he’d be back and Jeremiah had yet to answer.
“ I’ll be back in a month.”
My heart felt like it dropped to the pit of my stomach. A month? Was he fucking serious? What the hell did he have to do that would take so long? Not seeing him for thirty days would feel like I was starting from scratch with Jeremiah when he got back. Then again maybe we needed this bit of space? Lord knows I didn’t want it but there was nothing I could do about it.
“ Wow. That’s a long time, but good luck on your business deal. Be safe.” I said trying to check the tears threatening to spill down my cheeks.
“ You too. I’ll holla.”
I just walked out the door. Would he though? Holla that is. Jeremiah rarely if ever reached out to me. I was always the one initiating contact with him and wasn’t shit about that going to change. If he didn’t call me, I would definitely be calling him. If I was anything it was persistent.

Shot Through The Heart